My career goal is one that entails the creative world of marketing. Ideally, I hope to make my way to work for a magazine such as Cosmopolitan whether it be writing or helping the company find a focus within the market. After working in the marketing field, I would like to use that experience and pursue a law degree with an emphasis in copyright law.

I am an individual who seeks knowledge not only inside the classroom but from everyday experiences. As a professional, I am someone who holds herself to high standards in both ethics and morale. Consideration for others in the work place is also something I strongly practice. Having worked in customer service positions–I have been able to develop my people skills and better communicate my forward-thinking ideas to those around me. Additionally, being forward thinking both in and out of the workplace has prevented me from becoming stagnant and kept me on the move. Beyond that, I am a curious person who is always on the hunt for answers and imaginative of the many possibilities!